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Jazzed Up Camera Strap

I ran across this Camera Strap Slipcover Tutorial last week, and was excited to give it a try.  Even though I am VERY challenged in any sewing-machine related crafts, I decided this looked simple enough for even me to try.

I did a "rough draft" try with some scrap fabric and my own sewing machine.  It didn't fit and looked awful.  But...I also didn't measure or iron the fabric, so what did I expect?

Then today, I snagged some scrap fabric from my sister-in-law (who has a treasure chest of fabrics to choose from) and borrowed her snazzy sewing machine and expertise while I tried to make a "final draft" version to actually use. 

Well...make that 2nd draft.  I had to tear out all the seams after I realized that I didn't put the fabrics' "right sides" together like you're supposed to.  But that was a good extra round of practice for me, because once I finally got it all sewn together right, it slipped onto my camera strap and looks pretty good. 

I did omit the last step of top-stitching around the whole thing because it didn't look like I'd have enough space left to slide the strap inside with two more seams.  But I'm happy with the end result anyhow. 

It only took me 2 hours (said with a roll of the eyes, because this should really be a 30 minute project MAX).  But I didn't cry, and I didn't throw away the end-product, so I guess that makes it a successful project in my book!



Princess Magnet Board

This afternoon I put together a little magnet board toy for Ayla.  It's basically a build-a-scene magnet board.  It has a 12 x 12 background scene and several 3-D chipboard magnets made from chipboard stickers and rubons on cardboard (these are made by Imaginisce).  The 12 x 12 scene can be slid into the large photo corners (which are adhered directly to the magnet board).  This way, the scene stays put, but can be changed out for other scenes (which I have yet to make). 

This project is actually a test-run to see if she likes it and uses it (because it's all made from paper and chipboard, I doubt it will hold up well).  If she does, I'll make several scenes and buy her several sets of magnets in different themes.  And I'll try and make them from more durable stuff...laminated papers, mod-podged chipboard, or even plastic magnets. 

So far, she was pretty excited about it.  Ben hung it up in her playroom downstairs after she woke up from her nap today and she shuffled the magnets all around...

2 the Scrap Tutor days!

Not too long ago, made the Scrap Tutor lessons and videos available for free to watch online.
(For those who don't know, Ben and I produced two volumes of CDs of scrapbooking classes with lessons and videos called Scrap Tutor. This was several years ago when we owned When we sold to, we also sold them the Scrap Tutor series, so I hadn't thought about them much in a while.)
Tonight I came across some of the videos and just had to re-watch a couple of them. It brought back some vivid memories of designing projects, writing video scripts, and proofreading lessons. Developing Scrap Tutor was an exciting time for me and Ben and the end result was the perfect marriage of our skills.
I got a good chuckle out of watching some of the videos tonight, but really....although some of the techniques and projects are a little dated now, I'm still awfully proud of of the content and videos we produced.
If you'd like to check them they are!

Week in the Life Album Completed

Ahead of schedule (I had wanted to finish by this weekend), I've got my Week in the Life album completed.  I kept it SUPER simple so that the photos and journaling would take center stage. 
I used a 12 x 12 chipboard spiral album from Rusty Pickle that has been sitting on my shelf FOREVER.  I cut it down to 10" x 12" so that I could make a horizontal-oriented album.  Then I cut a rectangle in the center of the front piece of chipboard so that I could decorate the front cover by letting the title page embellishments peek through the window.  I painted the edges of the chipboard and covered each side with cardstock, adding photo corners to the front cover window as embellishments.  I also added ribbon to the spiral binding.
Inside cover & title page:
Detail of journaling pages:
 Putting the album together was easier than doing all the leg-work for the photos and journaling! But worth it. :)

Week in the Life - Sunday

Next week I'm going to have to think of actual things to write about...because I'm giving my camera at least a full 24 hour break, if not longer!  It's been overworked this week during my Week in the Life project. 
I am glad I did the project, and I think a few years from now, I'll really enjoy going back and reading the journaling and seeing the photo collages and seeing what a regular week was like for us in 2008.  Right now, it looks a lot like a regular old boring week.  But this week only happens once, so I'm glad I managed to capture it in all its reality...
So, finally, here's what Sunday, October 19th, 2008 looked like for us (sorry for all the really dark photos or overly bright photos...I told you my camera has been overworked!):
 I'll share pics of the album when I complete it...hopefully by next weekend.

Week in the Life - Saturday

I've made it to the weekend in my Week in the Life project! That means only one day left...Sunday.  I'm not sure how I'm going to photograph church tomorrow morning, although to be completely honest, I don't think anyone would think it was weird at all if I did.  I'll have to think on that.  
But meanwhile, here's what Saturday, October 18th, 2008 looked like at our house:
(And just so you know, Ben actually spent the majority of the day working hard on a web project.  The pics of him shown here are during a few short breaks where he emerged! Didn't want you to think he was a slacker...although if he was who could blame him on a Saturday?)
Seeing the end in sight has made me excited about putting together the album, so tonight I got a headstart and began printing my photo collages and journaling and decided on an album to use.  Now I just have to figure out a design plan and I can get this finished by the end of next week.  It's going to be pretty basic, letting the photos and journaling be the main focus. 

Week in the Life - Friday

My "Week in the Life" is starting to feel like a month. Taking photos of everything you do is exhausting. That must be why I slept in today and didn't get dressed until 10:30am! Too tired from all this photo-recording.  Ramona mentioned that a friend of hers suggested doing this project every year during the same week.  I admit, that would be cool to see the changes, but I think every 5 years is good enough for me!  We'll see if I remember in October 2013.  Someone want to remind me of that?
Around dinner time tonight, I fizzled out, but I tried to come back with at least two pics from after Ayla's bedtime (which is when I usually fizzle out of my photo-taking frenzy).  
So here's what Friday, October 17th looked like at our house:

Week in the Life - Thursday

So, today was a little harder to take photos, because it seemed to require a lot of setup.  I ended up carrying the camera on a tripod around the house while I cleaned.  Ben gave me several "you're crazy" looks as he passed me in the hallway.  Well, I suppose I deserve that, taking photos of myself dusting and folding laundry.  But, whatever, it's just for a week, right?  
Oh, and a shout out to Josh & Rachel, who star in today's photographs since they offered to watch Ayla this afternoon, as well as to my friend Wendy who called and left a message this evening in the hopes of me taking a photo of myself talking to her on the phone. :) Maybe tomorrow Wendy!   
Here's what Thursday, October 16th, 2008 looked like:


A Week in the Life - Wednesday

Another day down in my Week in the Life project. It's getting easier to remember to take photos all day. And, as you can see, my collage keeps growing. I used up all my slots in my collage template today (original is 8" x 10" so I can print them easily later on), so tomorrow I'll have to be choosy!
Here's what Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 look like at my house:

A Week in the Life - Tuesday

Day two of my Week in the Life project inspired by Ali Edwards...I got better at taking photos all day long.  And Ayla seemed to think I should take a picture of everything!  
Here's what Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 look like for us:
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