A Week in the Life - Tuesday

Day two of my Week in the Life project inspired by Ali Edwards...I got better at taking photos all day long.  And Ayla seemed to think I should take a picture of everything!  
Here's what Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 look like for us:

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acmickelson said:

I really do love this. But it must be very hard to actually do. Any tips for someone wanting to try it themselves?

Andrea said:

It gets easier each day, actually, because you get more used to having your camera "attached" to you. I even took it to the library and inside Sam's Optical today. Eventually you stop feeling self-concious about it. :) Or I do anyway! It helps when you have a cute 2 year old with you...makes the camera-toting mom seem not as weird. It's been fun to think of new things to take photos of each day...even though I do the SAME things almost everyday.

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