Frosty the Doorstop

I went to my friend Patricia's house today for a Cookie Exchange, and the crafty girl that she is....she had a holiday craft all ready for us to make and take home with us.  Gotta love that!  I came home with a bowl full of cookies and a really cute snowman doorstop (idea courtesy of Family Fun magazine).

First, the cookies...YUM...

And here's my finished Snowman...

I used a trimmed off wool sock that sadly hasn't had a "match" for well over a year as the hat.  A rolled paper cone made the nose.  The main portion of the snowman is made from a keyhole-shaped paver...and I believe they only cost about $0.75 or something like that.  Cheap, and cute!

Patricia's 10 year old daughter left us all in the dust though...she thought a penguin would be more fun, and I LOVE how it turned out.  So neat how kids can take an idea and totally make it their own.

Thanks Patricia for a fun morning!


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dido said:

Very good post, thanks a lot.

LesleMora said:

Yummy!  Love cookie exchanges.  And I LOVE the penguin, that is just too adorable!

Prlinehan said:

I love love love your snowman!  That hat and those buttons are too cute.  I also realize by looking at yours that my arms are upside down -- hopefully the scarf won't totally cover them.  If you go to the salvage place the pavers are 44 cents-- pretty thrifty.

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