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I finally got a little bit of scrapbookingdone this week.  It was fun working with pictures of Paxton for the first time.  Here's what I got:

First, my maternoty pics (by Molly Bridges).  I used the exact same sketch as my page for Ayla's album.

Next, an Easter page for our family album:

And the first calendar pages for Paxton's First Year album...Check out my e-book "365 Special Days" for more info about the format of the album.

Feels good to scrapbook again...




National Scrapbook Day

Saturday (May 2nd) was National Scrapbook Day.  That's right....we get a whole day. 

So, even though I was beyond exhausted and we had already crammed in a soccer game (in the rain), lunch with our extended family, and a birthday party, I managed to still squeeze in a couple of layouts before the day was done:

I can't take credit for the overall design of this first one...the sketch is for an upcoming Scrapjazz sketch challenge..and I believe it's inspired from a Bahamas advertisement.  But it seemed to be the perfect "airy" design for these dandelion photos of Ayla.

And my regular monthly collage of photos.  This is my solution for not scrapbooking EVERY little thing we do (because each of these photos could easily have been a layout of its own).  I take photos from throughout the month, stick them all on one page and do a quick summary of what we did that month.  Much more do-able! 

Hope you enjoyed National Scrapbook Day too!



Flower Girl

While my mom was here this weekend, she and Ayla went shopping for flowers to put in the hanging basket by our front door.  They also picked up some extras for the steps and another big pot next to the door. 

We can always count on my mom to help make the outside of the house look good.  Seems like we did something very similar to our house in Rochester not long after Ayla was born. 

It'll definitely make for a nicer welcome when visitors come by! 

Thanks Mom! :)




Bunny & Duck Puppets

Looking for something to do this afternoon, I decided to see if I could make Ayla some Easter puppets to play with this week.  A little bit of scrap fabric, buttons, and a hot glue gun, and here's what we came up with:




For a bridal shower recently, I made this monogrammed name plaque for the bride & groom:

The last name was kind of tricky to add.  I had to cut out a negative stencil of the cursive word.  It worked out pretty well though in the end.  It was a big hit at the shower, and it looks like I might have a few people interested in buying custom signs from me! 



Ayla's Big Girl Room

It's been a long process, several coats of paint, and a lot of debate about colors and furniture, but finally we have Ayla's room "finished".  I hesitate to say that because I think I still would like to add some more things to the walls and the shelves by the dresser, but for now, it's done.  Mostly because the bedframe is painted and set up! Yay! 

Here is my mock-up picture:

And the finished room (which I did not stick as closely to as I did in the nursery, as you can see):

In case you missed it the first time around, here's a link to close-ups of the canvases I made for above her bed.

We haven't painted the dresser yet...and I'm not sure if we will anytime soon or not.  I kind of like the wood now...

And finally, here are some detail pictures of around the room. 

The last picture at the bottom is Ayla's version of the wall canvases...she did a good job, didn't she? After she made it, she asked if we could hang it in her new room.  How could I say no?




Set of Cards - Cosmo Cricket Fleuriste

Our church is having a silent auction to raise money for a mission trip to Honduras this summer.  So I decided to offer a set of handmade cards.  I made 4 of each of these cards using the Fleuriste line (leftover from my grandmother's memoirs album) from Cosmo Cricket.



Favorite Scrapbook Blogs?

Hey all you scrapbookers out there...I need your help. 

Ben & I have just launched our new web site (go check it out!).  Scraptagious highlights the people and products that scrapbookers are buzzing about on blogs, in videos, and at websites and puts them all in one place.

So, I know which blogs and sites *I* like to read, but I'm curious...

What are YOUR favorite scrapbook-related blogs?

Post your favorites in the comments section with a link please! (You'll need an account for my blog to comment...but I'll approve you as soon as I'm able). Can't wait to see everyone's favorites.


Oh, and did I mention?  You should go check out

Scraptagious - Scrapbook Blogs & Videos

And don't forget to vote for your favorite links so you can "Spread something good."

See you there...



Baby Boy Nursery is Ready!

Wal-Mart finally had that table lamp in stock today, so I was able to finish off the nursery and take some pictures! It's as done as it's gonna be until we plop a baby in there! 

Here's what my mock-up idea started as:

And here's the finished room:

After trying to hang the paper lanterns, not liking the cord hanging from the ceiling, and then eventually ripping it, Ben made the genious suggestion that we use a ficus tree (that we had in our livingroom) in that empty corner.  WAY perfect.  He's a better decorator than doubt about that...I just have to make a few mistakes before he's willing to help me correct them!

Here's where I'll be spending many middle-of-the-night feedings.  Thank you to Rachel for helping me make the rocking chair cushion and to Janel & Linda for the adorable monkey & gorilla!  

The crib (still sporting the fabulous gender-neutral bedding made by Betsy)
...and the animal wall canvases I made:

The rug was $15 at World Market.  I would have looked harder for a plain dark brown rug, but I couldn't beat the price, and after a week of dealing with washing everything in Ayla's room 50 times when she had the flu, I decided a $15 orange rug was a smarter choice than anything more expensive!

The changing outfitted with a contoured changing pad (thank you Patricia) and stuffed with tons of blankets, socks, diapers, hats, bibs, wipes, and burp cloths:

And the last corner of the room...still a little bare, but I imagine it'll get filled with toys before too long.  The giant ruler has recorded my height, my brother's height, and Ayla's height at different ages throughout the past 30 years.  I LOVE that I get to have it hanging in our kids' rooms too!

And finally, some detail pics of the decorations and all the little baby clothes...just waiting for a baby:

Thanks everyone for all your help and advice on putting this room together.  I'm very happy with how it turned out! 


Tagged - 6th Picture

Lisa tagged me in a random photo blog game, and the picture that resulted was interesting, so I decided to do it. 

Here's how it works:  Pick the 6th folder in your pictures files on your computer and then choose the 6th photo in the folder and blog about it. 

Unfortunately there were only three photos in my 6th folder, so I went with the 6th picture in the 7th folder...because does it REALLY matter? 

Here's what I came up with:

Grave Digger....the monster truck.

Hilarious, I know.  I didn't even take the photo. Back in January, Ben took Zach and my nephews to a monster truck show, and Grave Digger is the feature event of the loud testosterone-filled program.   So I credit Ben with this fabulous documentation of their encounter with the monster...


So friends, if you're so inclined....I tag Janel, Alison, Patricia, Betsy, Elizabeth, and Renee.  Let's see what you got!



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