Week in the Life - Sunday

Next week I'm going to have to think of actual things to write about...because I'm giving my camera at least a full 24 hour break, if not longer!  It's been overworked this week during my Week in the Life project. 
I am glad I did the project, and I think a few years from now, I'll really enjoy going back and reading the journaling and seeing the photo collages and seeing what a regular week was like for us in 2008.  Right now, it looks a lot like a regular old boring week.  But this week only happens once, so I'm glad I managed to capture it in all its reality...
So, finally, here's what Sunday, October 19th, 2008 looked like for us (sorry for all the really dark photos or overly bright photos...I told you my camera has been overworked!):
 I'll share pics of the album when I complete it...hopefully by next weekend.

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Prlinehan said:

Looks like you had a pretty good week. :)

acmickelson said:

You have done such a nice job, and I completely understand how hard this was. I thought half of one day was exhausting, and I didn't really want to see my camera the next morning after I had done it. I am trying to work up the nerve to go a whole day taking pictures, and then eventually a whole week, but for now, I just have to admire your work and say, Well Done!

p.s. I see you did work up the nerve to take your camera to Church. Did you get any weird looks? Good for you for capturing such an important part of your lives despite what other people might think! :)

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