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Bird Bully

Our backyard is a regular scene from a Disney movie. Birds, squirrels, chipmunks...and the occasional stray cat. But here's the villain of the bunch:


And don't forget his winter-time sidekicks -- The Birds.



Roger "made our" Day

The Hoover Public Library strikes again, and brings in fabulous entertainment.
Ever since I took Ayla to see Roger Day last summer, I've been anxiously awaiting his performance again this summer. I even roped Ben in to come see it with us, because all year we've been listening to his music with Ayla. She routinely asks for the "Hippo" song which is actually the "Rhino" song called "It's a No-No to Kiss a Rhino". (He does have a hippo song too..."Hiccuppopotumus".)
Roger Day is silly, fun, talented, and entertaining for all ages. The kids LOVE him (as well as the moms & dads!):
Ayla clapped and danced and did arm movements to all the songs. Last year she couldn't even walk! My how things change.
You can hear samples of his music and see where it can be purchased at his web site:
I highly recommend his CDs and DVDs for anyone with pre-school kids. It's catchy! Even my brother-in-law (I wont say which, but only one has pre-school age kids) was caught listening to Roger Day on his mp3 player at the beach....with no kids in sight....

Sneak Peek!

Blogging has been light this week for a few reasons:

  1. Our internet connection has been splotchy at best...
  2. We've done very little all week worth posting about...
  3. I've been in creative mode, working on a fun new project for an article...
Here's a sneak peek:
More pictures and the full project instructions will be published on in late August.

Ideas please...

We've been going to the Hoover Rec Center for almost a year now...nearly every day! The child care is wonderful, and I'd like to give the two ladies who work there some kind of gift on our 1-year membership anniversary. They're so good to Ayla and she loves them. And I love them because they give me an hour and half of me-time every day. Can't ask for anything better than that!

I'd love to make them each something in addition to getting them a gift certificate, but I'm stumped on ideas. Any suggestions of great crafty (not cheesy) child-caregiver gifts?


When I grow up...

Last weekend Ben and I were watching a movie, and something in the movie must have inspired me (although I forget what now), because I said "When I grow up, I want to be an artist...."
It was such a true statement for me, that I decided to do a painting/paper art collage for my office. So this afternoon during naptime, here's what resulted:

With all the traveling I've been doing lately, I haven't had a chance to do any real creating. And when I don't get to make anything for a while, I start getting cranky. Making a good scrapbook page or creating a new wall-hanging or something of the like is just a great stress reliever for me. So it felt VERY good to get this out, like a huge exhale...

It's the little things...




Pepper Place Pleasures

This morning we got up bright and early to head to the Pepper Place Farmer's Market downtown.  We've been wanting to go since we found out about it last year.  Not only is it a great little farmer's market, full of locally grown fruits, vegetables, spices and flowers, but it's also on site of an old Dr. Pepper bottling building, so there are tons of Dr. Pepper signs everywhere, which of course Ben loves.

They have live music, chef demonstrations, and artists selling their material.  It was hot, crowded, and full of gorgeous colors, hand made signs, and all sorts of fabulous eye candies for me to take photos of.  Here are a few of my favorites:


 Even better than the photos, we came home with peaches, tomatoes, red peppers, blackberries, and honey.  Great way to start the day.  We were home by 10:20 am and still had a whole day left to enjoy!


My favorite place to be...

My favorite night of our beach trip every year is taking family photos. It's a mad dash of directing the family, setting up the shot, pressing the button and sprinting to get into the photo and look "casual" when I get there. My father-in-law caught me in action during our photo shoot:





I look SO much more "pro" than I'll ever be! :)


Enjoying the View

I saw this super-cute beach photo idea at and just had to give it a try with our family this week:


I love it (especially in black and white), but I'm not sure it can beat this one from a few years back:


I have a very cooperative family.... 



Strawberry Moon Rising

After Ayla went to bed last night, Ben and I went down to the beach to walk. We watched the moon rise, and last night apparently was a special moon-night...there was a strawberry moon. It looked just like a sunset...going the opposite direction.

Unfortunately we didn't have our camera with us as we were walking, but
when we finished, we ran up and picked it up along with the tripod and played around with the camera. Most of the pics were a blurry mess, but we did get a few salvageable shots...and it was a fun thing to do one evening of our vacation:

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