A Week in the Life - Wednesday

Another day down in my Week in the Life project. It's getting easier to remember to take photos all day. And, as you can see, my collage keeps growing. I used up all my slots in my collage template today (original is 8" x 10" so I can print them easily later on), so tomorrow I'll have to be choosy!
Here's what Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 look like at my house:

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acmickelson said:

Oh man, this is the coolest thing ever. Thanks so much for sharing! I love it. What's with the yucky face Ayla is making? Something she didn't like for lunch? It's cute.

Ben said:

We told her to stop crying...she instantly doubled the waterworks.

acmickelson said:

Well that's a two year old for you. Fun, fun, fun.

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