Week in the Life - Friday

My "Week in the Life" is starting to feel like a month. Taking photos of everything you do is exhausting. That must be why I slept in today and didn't get dressed until 10:30am! Too tired from all this photo-recording.  Ramona mentioned that a friend of hers suggested doing this project every year during the same week.  I admit, that would be cool to see the changes, but I think every 5 years is good enough for me!  We'll see if I remember in October 2013.  Someone want to remind me of that?
Around dinner time tonight, I fizzled out, but I tried to come back with at least two pics from after Ayla's bedtime (which is when I usually fizzle out of my photo-taking frenzy).  
So here's what Friday, October 17th looked like at our house:

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acmickelson said:

I love that you got a picture of "potty time". That's fabulous.

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