Handmade Necklaces and Gift Boxes

Thanks for all your input on gift ideas for our favorite nursery workers at the Rec.  I decided to make them each a necklace, so I journeyed into the jewelry making supply aisle at Hobby Lobby
This is what I came up with--very simple and easy since I'm a novice jewelry designer, but I tried to pick glass pendants that represented each of their "styles".  The red necklace is for Jen and the tan necklace is for Margaret.
Either they really loved them, or they're really good at pretending they love something.  They were both wearing their new neckaces when I came back to pick Ayla up from the nursery and kept going on an on about them. 
Honestly though, the packaging was my favorite part:
I found a gift box template that I adapted slightly after printing it onto 12 x 12 paper to make these little gift boxes.  (I recently acquired a large format printer HP Deskjet 1220C that I was thrilled to try out!)   I used double-sided Scenic Route paper, initial chipboard letters, a little bit of ribbon and miniature thank you cards.  It was pretty easy, and turned out really cute, if I do say so myself!  Ayla helped stuff the boxes with tissues before we put the necklaces inside. 

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gastric bypass said:

Those are beautiful necklaces! And I love the boxes, what a great idea! With xmas coming up, I am constantly looking for something affordable but meaningful. This is a great idea! I can already think of 4 people I want to make necklaces for and put them in those adorable boxes! Thanks for posting this!!

elizbailey said:

Love it! Especially the boxes!

Prlinehan said:

The necklaces were a great choice and they do seem to like them! I saw the box for Jenn sitting on the table and knew right away that you must've made your gift. :)

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