Bird Bully

Our backyard is a regular scene from a Disney movie. Birds, squirrels, chipmunks...and the occasional stray cat. But here's the villain of the bunch:


And don't forget his winter-time sidekicks -- The Birds.


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wbcradic said:

And he looks so cute and innocent! :) We have red squirrels to battle with out here.

littledill4 said:

I went camping the other day, and basically was attacked by raccoons! They had no qualms about coming right up to us, jumping on the same table we were sitting at, walking around oblivious to the world. We saw at least 6 different ones.

mariahcharles said:

Would you like a gray squirrel too? We have one that ended up in our fireplace one year- getting it out was almost a scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! He still tried to get in- we see him at our front doors looking in the house, scaling the side of the house, etc... Hummmm.... I'm thinking he'd like to live in Alabama!!!! ha!

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