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We've been going to the Hoover Rec Center for almost a year now...nearly every day! The child care is wonderful, and I'd like to give the two ladies who work there some kind of gift on our 1-year membership anniversary. They're so good to Ayla and she loves them. And I love them because they give me an hour and half of me-time every day. Can't ask for anything better than that!

I'd love to make them each something in addition to getting them a gift certificate, but I'm stumped on ideas. Any suggestions of great crafty (not cheesy) child-caregiver gifts?

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Prlinehan said:

Okay, you may have already made something for Jenn & Margaret, but I was just looking at that Unecessary Necessities blog and she had those jazzed up clipboards on there... you could make those!

Tiffany said:

As a teacher my only recommendation is NOT Bath and Body hand soap or lotion or a candle! Lol. I get a lot of that. Seriously though, it's the thought that counts and they'll be touched that you cared to do anything!

RLO05 said:

Hi Andrea,
I don't have any of my own ideas, but I stumbled on this blog that has lots of crafty things on it. Not sure if any of them are what you're looking for, but I find the sight inspires me to be creative :)

Andrea said:

Where has this blog been hiding??? I'm ABSOLUTELY loving it. Thanks Renee!

Prlinehan said:

What a cool blog! I love that most of her ideas don't involve a ton of technical know-how or fancy tools and the stuff still looks great.

bienaseliz said:

what a sweet gesture!

do you know what their interests are? maybe you could so something tailored to their interest - if they like to read you could do a gift card to a bookstore with a little basket of tea, bookmark, booklight...

i also think anything that has to do with pampering will win any girl over.

Prlinehan said:

That is so sweet of you and I know whatever you end up doing they will really appreciate it! I like the idea for a mini-comp book-- it seems like something they could both use. Margaret likes painting but I don't know if Jenn has many "hobbies" because it seems like she's usually either working or helping her family in some way...

JessicaP said:

The gift that is my go-to gift is a little mini-comp book. I give 'em to everybody now. Everyone I have ever given one to has begged for a new one when they use them up. My mother in law is on book number four They are just perfect, tho...easy to slip in your purse, and they come in so handy! Maybe a little gift bag with a really cool pen, the altered mini comp book, and alter a tin for the gift card with a few little candies in with the card? Whatever you decide, I wanna see pictures! :-)

acmickelson said:

Flowers or herbs in a hand painted pot?

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