Ayla's Big Girl Room

It's been a long process, several coats of paint, and a lot of debate about colors and furniture, but finally we have Ayla's room "finished".  I hesitate to say that because I think I still would like to add some more things to the walls and the shelves by the dresser, but for now, it's done.  Mostly because the bedframe is painted and set up! Yay! 

Here is my mock-up picture:

And the finished room (which I did not stick as closely to as I did in the nursery, as you can see):

In case you missed it the first time around, here's a link to close-ups of the canvases I made for above her bed.

We haven't painted the dresser yet...and I'm not sure if we will anytime soon or not.  I kind of like the wood now...

And finally, here are some detail pictures of around the room. 

The last picture at the bottom is Ayla's version of the wall canvases...she did a good job, didn't she? After she made it, she asked if we could hang it in her new room.  How could I say no?



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Sara Carling said:

Andrea, Ayla's room is absolutely adorable. I designed the Twitterpated collection for imaginisce, and I am so incredibly flattered that it inspired your daughters darling room. I love those wall hangings!! So cute! Thanks for making my day. :)


mariahcharles said:

Totally adorable!!! It's a perfect little girls room!   I love Ayla's pic - she did such a great job!   So, when are you coming to do Sidney's room?  I have her new room painted, but now need to find bedding and furniture.  I'm not in a huge hurry....  How are you feeling?

wendaline78 said:

Don't you dare paint that dresser :) It looks pretty just the way it is. Everything will go with wood and I am sure she will have many changes to her room as she gets older. If I were a little girl, I would play in that room :) Heck, Toni and I can come visit and play in there now!

Tiffany said:

It looks adorable!  Perfect for a little girl!

acmickelson said:

Very nicely done. I especially love how the room color is the same as the sky in the wall canvases. Very cool. And Ayla's version is wonderful.

Prlinehan said:

It looks so pulled together! I love the pink ribbon trim on the curtains and the bedframe-- nice touch.

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