Butterfly Party Decorations

When a little girl requests a butterfly birthday party, I'm happy to oblige.  I went the VERY simple route for this one, even though I could have gone crazy with the decorations and crafty projects.  There just wasn't time or money for anything too complicated!  So here's what we ended up with:

  • butterfly birthday plates & napkins from Big Lots
  • white tablecloth with patterned paper butterfly cutouts sprinkled around it
  • three scrapbook pages featuring newborn Ayla and pictures from this past year
  • a borrowed cupcake stand
  • butterfly and flower cupcakes from Sam's Club (we added gummy worms for caterpillars)
  • strawberry & grape butterflies (just add toothpicks)
  • fruit
  • apple juice & lemonade
  • Party Favors: butterfly nets, wings & glasses from the Dollar Tree
  • butterflies made with fabric strips tied in knots (so the kids could throw & catch butterflies in their nets)

Easy!  And it all fit into a rubbermaid tub and cooler to bring over to the park.  Too bad the butterfly birthday balloon I bought flew away as soon as I opened the car door...guess I didn't have it tied down as well as I thought!

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Ramona said:

OH MY GOODNESS!  I love your little fruit butterflies!!!!!!  LOVE 'EM!  LOVE 'EM!  LOVE 'EM!

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