Time for a Haircut

Other than the front pieces, I'm officially cutting my hair now to *keep* it short and shaped.  Since I started from bald, I consider that a winning accomplishment.  In fact, I've gotten so used to having it OFF my neck and the ease of taking care of it, that I just don't see myself ever going much longer than I have it now.  For reference, my hair started growing back after AC chemo almost exactly two years ago, and I've had several trims along the way to keep it shaped and to continue to grow out the top and front layers. 

If you can believe it, I go to Great Clips for my haircuts, and since I don't color it, I just go whenever I start feeling annoyed with how it's laying.  I like the immediacy of being able to walk in and get a haircut, though I do realize there's a risk of disaster in that process. 

But, when I showed the girl who cut my hair today these photos, she appreciated the visual and did exactly what I asked her.  I made sure to remember her name (Desiré) so I can go back to her again.

Lifted volume in the back and the length angling down to my chin. 

I also showed her these photos below on the left as examples (that's me, after my haircut on the right) for what I was looking for.   I'd say she did a GREAT job!

Current Hair Routine:

I wash it about twice a week. Otherwise, I just use dry shampoo and a diffuser and shake out the curls.  I do use a small barrelled curling iron to clean up the top layer throughout the week when the curls start to wilt.

I use a claw clip to hold the top section back when I'm working out, which doesn't destroy the curls much.  And, I sleep on a regular pillow (not a satin one or anything fancy).  The low-maintenance is wonderful, and I like the way it looks--feels very "me."

Going through the curly girl method process all those years ago set me up for a great head of naturally curly hair.  Not everyone gets to start from scratch.  Though it wasn't my favorite to go through chemo and lose my hair, it's turned out ok after all.

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Nikki said:

This looks great! I'm also wondering about keeping it short now. I'm 5 months out and already look like I have a pixie cut. Totally digging the low maintenance. You look beautiful.

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