Baby Boy Nursery is Ready!

Wal-Mart finally had that table lamp in stock today, so I was able to finish off the nursery and take some pictures! It's as done as it's gonna be until we plop a baby in there! 

Here's what my mock-up idea started as:

And here's the finished room:

After trying to hang the paper lanterns, not liking the cord hanging from the ceiling, and then eventually ripping it, Ben made the genious suggestion that we use a ficus tree (that we had in our livingroom) in that empty corner.  WAY perfect.  He's a better decorator than doubt about that...I just have to make a few mistakes before he's willing to help me correct them!

Here's where I'll be spending many middle-of-the-night feedings.  Thank you to Rachel for helping me make the rocking chair cushion and to Janel & Linda for the adorable monkey & gorilla!  

The crib (still sporting the fabulous gender-neutral bedding made by Betsy)
...and the animal wall canvases I made:

The rug was $15 at World Market.  I would have looked harder for a plain dark brown rug, but I couldn't beat the price, and after a week of dealing with washing everything in Ayla's room 50 times when she had the flu, I decided a $15 orange rug was a smarter choice than anything more expensive!

The changing outfitted with a contoured changing pad (thank you Patricia) and stuffed with tons of blankets, socks, diapers, hats, bibs, wipes, and burp cloths:

And the last corner of the room...still a little bare, but I imagine it'll get filled with toys before too long.  The giant ruler has recorded my height, my brother's height, and Ayla's height at different ages throughout the past 30 years.  I LOVE that I get to have it hanging in our kids' rooms too!

And finally, some detail pics of the decorations and all the little baby clothes...just waiting for a baby:

Thanks everyone for all your help and advice on putting this room together.  I'm very happy with how it turned out! 

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Carrie @ In the sweet sunshine said:

Nicely done!! I thought your mock-up image was a real, complete picture until I looked a little closer. :) I like how the rug brings in the bright colors of the bedding and wall pictures! I'm a new follower, thanks for linking up to Roomspiration today!

bienaseliz said:

This room looks great!  I love the theme and good job on the tree, Ben.  You always do the best job pulling things together girl - great job!

LesleMora said:

It looks wonderful, great job Andrea!

elizbailey said:

The room looks perfect and so cozy!  I know you must getting anxious now!

wbcradic said:

Looks great, Andrea.  Can't believe he's almost here!

covereddish said:

It is just adorable! I know you are glad to have it finished! You should be proud!

jwinters said:


Tiffany said:

It turned out really cute!  I like the browns in there...perfect for a little guy.  It makes me sad that I won't be able to be there for any of the post-birth stuff like I was with Ayla.  So, I will need to see lots of pictures, please! :)

OtherAylasMommy said:

It's all so darn cute it almost makes me want to have another baby!

acmickelson said:

It's beautiful! I like the tree better than the lanterns anyway - perfect for the animal theme. In about two weeks there will probably be a cute little baby sleeping in there! Can you believe it yet?

rsteed said:

Wow Andrea! The nursery turned out perfect!!! Good job!

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