Bathroom Collage

With all the pictures I take, it's about time I framed a few. :) 

I've had this collage frame sitting in my "to do" projects forever, and finally decided that a bathtime baby bathroom collage would be the perfect use for it.  So, I printed several bathtime baby photos of both of our kids in black and white, added some patterned paper & Imaginisce "Splash Dance" rub-ons and stickers and viola!  A cute little bathroom collage.

While I was working on this project, I flipped the Splash Dance packaging over and was surprised to see a familiar face looking back at me! 

Cool, huh? :)

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Laura P said:

I love this bathroom collage! I have been wanting to do something just like this with our baby's pictures. Where did you get this frame? I haven't found a frame like this yet.

You are very talented!


Prlinehan said:

Wow, so neat.  I like your bathroom collage too...wonder if the kids will still like it as they get older.  :)

acmickelson said:

 Wow, super cool! I love it!

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