Trees & Critters Wall Canvases

Inspired by the Imaginisce Twitterpated paper line, I just finished up the wall canvases to hang over Ayla's bed in her new "big girl" bedroom.  I'm so thrilled with how they turned out:

I painted the sky and landscape background (using the light blue wall color of her room for the sky and the green paint color that we originally were going to use, and then painted over because it was too dark).

Then I added grass and hill details with acrylic paints.  That took a couple of tries...but with Ben's suggestions, I like the final result.  The good thing about can paint over it if it doesn't look good! 

I decided not to paint a border or frame on this set of canvases because I wanted them to just kind of pop out of the wall.  I'm liking the resulting effect.

Once the backgrounds were painted, I added the paper pieced trees, birds, butterfly & bee.  I had a great time picking out patterned papers from all different paper lines to make the right color scheme and piece together all the elements. 

After everything was glued together and glued down and covered in Mod Podge, I added button eyes to the birds, brad eyes to the bee, and some black string antennae for the butterfly & bee.  

Here are some close-ups of the critters:

Hope Ayla likes 'em! :)


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Prlinehan said:

I am loving the whole triptych idea... so handy that you could use some of that green paint--- maybe you could go into business just painting landscapes. :)  Also, Lauren loves your due date countdown-- it's very handy since 4/7 is her birthday.  Hope the temper tantrums subside.

LesleMora said:

They are adorable, I bet she loves them!

elizbailey said:

Very cute!  Love how you spread out the design between 3 canvases.  Way to make use of that green paint.  =) I'm sure Ayla will love it!

Ramona said:

OHMIGOSH!  They turned out GREAT!!!!  Ayla will LOVE them I'm sure!  :)

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