Baby Sling

I've always liked my Baby Bjorn and carried Ayla all over Rochester in it her entire first year (and a little beyond!).  Paxton is going to prove to be a little more difficult to carry with it, because he's so big! 

A friend of mine here in Birmingham uses a sling that she made to hold any of her three kids (3, 1, and 1 month), and it's SO cute.  She was nice enough to make me one too (I even got to pick the fabrics), and I'm in love with it.

Paxton loves it too.  I carried him around tonight for about an hour when I went to pick Ayla up from VBS, and he never made a peep.  Just sat there and enjoyed the ride with his little hands folded in front of him, smiling at everyone. 

Thanks to Hilarie (who SO needs to open her own Etsy shop with these and the adorable bags she makes) who made it for me! (She didn't ask me to drum up business for her, but I could probably convince her to make a few more if any of you want to buy one from her...just let me know!)

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marisanokes said:

That is so cool! I like how you got to pick out your own fabric, its not everyday you get that option for anything.  I hope Paxton doesnt grow to much so that you can enjoy carrying him in there for a little while.

Prlinehan said:

With those kind of slings, I would think it'd feel like the baby could just slip out... apparently that is not the case, but it might come from me having the old-style snugli that has more straps and buckles than you know what to do with. Bet this is more comfortable for baby, huh?

mariahcharles said:

 please!  i would be totally interested!!!!!   very cute!!

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