National Scrapbook Day

Saturday (May 2nd) was National Scrapbook Day.  That's right....we get a whole day. 

So, even though I was beyond exhausted and we had already crammed in a soccer game (in the rain), lunch with our extended family, and a birthday party, I managed to still squeeze in a couple of layouts before the day was done:

I can't take credit for the overall design of this first one...the sketch is for an upcoming Scrapjazz sketch challenge..and I believe it's inspired from a Bahamas advertisement.  But it seemed to be the perfect "airy" design for these dandelion photos of Ayla.

And my regular monthly collage of photos.  This is my solution for not scrapbooking EVERY little thing we do (because each of these photos could easily have been a layout of its own).  I take photos from throughout the month, stick them all on one page and do a quick summary of what we did that month.  Much more do-able! 

Hope you enjoyed National Scrapbook Day too!


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Prlinehan said:

Nice layouts.  Amazing what you can do when you're running on such little sleep.

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