A little bit shorter now...

When I cut several inches off my hair back in August, I knew it wouldn't be long before I was ready to chop it MUCH shorter.  In many ways, the inbetween length was to get the people around me ready to see me with short hair again!  

There was nothing wrong with my longer hair (or mid-length either), I was just kind of tired of dealing with all of it, and wanted it off my neck again.  And even though it's been a LONG time, I'm no stranger to short hair...

(circa 2008, pregnant with Paxton) 

And now that I've been taking care of my curls and using better products and techniques to style it with natural curl, I feel like I can make it look a little better than my freshman year of high school triangular perm... (circa 1994)

So, maybe I'll be "Andrea Nokes circa 1994" for Halloween?  Chokers are back in style you know...

Thankfully, Ben wasn't too shocked by the change (since he looks at me the most) and I think he even likes it. 

I, for one, LOVE it and am so glad I did it.  

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