Spring Fashion

Well, now that I've been working at Maurices for a few weeks, I can honestly say, I've been affected.   Suddenly I *need* a whole lot more than I thought I did! Well, maybe not need, but I do really like a lot of what they have in the store...which makes it a lot of fun to sell! 

Here are a few of my favorites from the spring line of clothes...might just have to pick a few of these up the next time I'm working....maybe (okay, so I already bought the jeans khakis).

Then of course, there's this and this and this that I think are really cute too. :) 

So far so good with this new retail job.  I really enjoy it, the hours fly by and I get to visit with lots of women in the area.  Plus it's been fun to be a little more fashion conscious than my typical yoga pants & tank top! 


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Betsy said:

You work at Maurices?!! Kinda jealous here. :)

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