Time for a Big Chop

Sometimes, you just need a change.  It's not that I didn't love my long curly hair -- it's just that it's been long for almost 9 years.  With all the health problems and stress I've had in the past two years, I felt like my long hair was dragging my already-tired face down even more, and it was time for something a little more springy....  and it's not like I haven't had short hair before...

I asked for something like these photos below and my hairdresser asked me several times, "Are you sure? That's very short in the back.  No ponytails anymore!" I assured her I was certain, and to just do it!!

Even if it's just psychological, I think it helped, and I'm excited to have a new "look" for a while.  And bonus, my hair no longer gets caught up in my purse strap anymore! 

The pics above were immediately after the haircut, but after washing it the next morning and letting it air dry with all the right curly girl products, I couldn't believe how curly it got!

The kids came home from school and it took them both several hours to notice that I cut my hair at all.  So maybe it wasn't as dramatic as I thought!

I can just about guarantee in a few months, I'll go a little shorter. ;) 


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Shelley said:

I came across your blog several years ago looking for CGM stuff. I've been following a modified CGM about as long as you have. I never comment on blogs, but I felt compelled to after reading about your Graves Disease. Autoimmune diseases run in our family for at least 4 generations. My paternal grandmother, my father & his sister, myself, & my daughter who is only 22. About a year ago she was diagnosed with 3 - yes 3 - AI diseases. My husband also has AI in his family, so we have yet to see how this plays out for us. Just wanted to tell you to hang in there. It can seem lonely. Also, your long hair in the before photo is gorgeous. It was NOT dragging your face down like you thought. The after picture of your short hair is absolutely adorable. You can do both long & short very well. I recently went short after several years of long. Just time for a change. I pray you continue to find answers for your AI.

Andrea said:


I'm not sure you'll even see this, but thank you. :) Your words are very sweet and encouraging.

Anonymous said:

Did you cut your hair with someone who specializes in curly hair or no?

Andrea said:

My hairdresser doesn't necessarily "specialize" in curly hair, but she's always done a great job. Often I have her cut my hair dry to make sure we don't cut too much off. But she doesn't do the "curl-by-curl" technique suggested in the Curly Girl Method handbook.

JV said:

I absolutely love it! I wish I could pull this cut off. You look so good. I mean, I’d hate to say you look so much better because that implies you needed to look better.....but....your beautiful face definitely stands out more! So cool. Awesome.

Andrea said:

Thank you! I've enjoyed going short again (and even went SHORTER more recently)!

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