Seeing Red

I get bored every once in a while.  Changing my hair color is easier (and causes much less turmoil) than changing other things in my life--not that other things need to change, they don't!   In the past few weeks, I was feeling restless and a little bit adventurous. It was time for a change. 

After a couple of years with caramel ombre & balayage highlights, with some extra light strands this past summer, I thought maybe I'd try something dark with a tint of red for a while.

My inspiration colors of "chocolate cherry" and "cherry cola" hair pictures took over my Pinterest Hair board for a while:

Chocolate Cherry Hair Color

It's definitely a big change!

It's taking some getting used to...but I think it'll be kind of fun and moody for a little while.

So far though...I'm not loving how it looks when it's naturally curly.  :(  (No photos of that fuzzy mess yet...) Maybe that means I'll need to fix my hair more often? 

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Sheryl said:

That color looks really great on you. I saw your post on Pinterest for curly girl hair tips because I have super kinky hair. Love the tips thank you. You have such beautiful eyes have you ever thought about wearing bangs? The bangs wood frame your face and accentuate your eyes. Thanks again for the tips!

Nokes2 said:

It looks pretty. Good color on you

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