Ombre for Dre - Ombre on Long Dark Hair

I've never colored my hair....until yesterday.  Since it takes me about 6 months to a year just to get back to the salon to get my hair cut, regular color maintenance is all kinds of inconvenient for me.

But...lately I've been kind of bored with my hair, which is about the time I get tempted to chop it off and sport a look more like this:

short curly bob hair cut

It's taken so long to grow my hair out this long though, so I thought instead of chopping it off, I might try some color this time instead.   With the help of Google, Pinterest and Instagram, I stumbled upon a hair color option that wouldn't require such regular touch-up maintenance, since it leaves the roots dark--Ombre Hair:

Ombre Color Ideas for Long Dark Hair

It seemed like the PERFECT way for me to try out a new shade...

I gathered up these inspiration photos and asked my stylist (Angela Bradley at Stone Salon at the Preserve in Hoover, AL) if she could make me look like Kate Beckinsale.  She did the best she could with what she had to work with (me!).  And, though I still wouldn't win in a Kate Beckinsale look-alike competition, I'm VERY happy with the new look:

Ombre on Long Dark Hair

Ombre Hairstyle - Dark Brown Long Hair

I was nervous, but excited when I went in to color my hair for the first time.  I know for many people, this is just an old-hat no-big-deal sort of thing, but for my first time--it was kind of a big deal. 

I had NO idea how long the process takes.  I was at the salon for just over 3 hours, and my neck got tired from holding up all that foil! 

Before & After Ombre Hair - Long Dark Hair

In the end, I think it's just the change I needed.  Something subtle, but different, and perfect for the summer.  If I get tired of it after a few months, I can always cut it off--but maybe I won't! ;)

I'm interested to see how the color gradient looks in my signature braid, or with natural curls

ombre for long dark hairstyle

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Made From Pinterest said:

Your ombre hair looks beautiful! My hair is somewhat similar to yours and I've never dyed it before but now I'm tempted to try out an ombre look!

Angela Grace said:

The change is beautiful, Andrea!

janel said:

Looks great!

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