Baby's First Year Photo Album

My sister asked me to make a Baby's First Year album for some friends of hers.  Since I don't know them, or have any idea what their take on scrapbooking, photo-taking, etc. are, I had to come up with something a little easier than my standard baby album (for me & them). So I decided to come up with another easily replicable album to use again and again...

i started with a 2-up Pioneer navy leather photo album.  Then I created digital 4" x 6" files for a title page, month-by-month growth chart cards, journaling cards & circle labels to include throughout the album.  I printed the digital files onto white cardstock, trimmed them to size and then embellished with patterned paper and ink. Finally, I added cardstock tabs to label each section, complete with stickers and ribbon around the spine of the album.

(the colors for the number of months alternates between red, blue, orange and green)

Each month includes a blank journaling card, that can be filled in, moved to another section (like the holiday section at the back, or not-used-at-all!

I also included in a little zip-lock baggie, circle labels (with adhesive tabs on back) that can be added to the margins to label photos throughout the album.

Easy to make, easy for parents or grandparents to add information and photos, and I can use the digital files over and over again for gifts!  This set is geared more towards boys, but with a few color changes, it could easily be used for a girl or neutral album too.

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Suep said:

I LOVE THIS ALBUM IDEA!! I am going to spend the next 4 days making this for a baby shower gift! Thank you for sharing!

Erin said:

I love the photo album above! I'm having a girl in you still make these albums? If so I would love to order one. Thanks!

Anonymous said:

Hi! I LOVE this album. Do you still make and sell them?

Amity Knight said:

This is a fantastic idea. So simple and so user friendly. I really wish had done something like this for my parents and in-laws when my kids were little. Love it.

Andrea said:

I'm placing an order to make albums for a friend...anyone else want me to make them one? $50 per album.

Nicole Carbonara said:

I love this first year photo album. I have been wanting to do a scrapbook for both my son's. But first of all no clue where to even begin and who has the time. Is this something I can purchase? If so how much for two??

Andrea said:

Nicole - - haven't been able to reach you via email.  Please email me or call if you'd like to continue your photo album order. 205-908-9959

elizbailey said:

 This is awesome!!  I am going to have to remember this idea for an easy baby gift idea.

Ashley Stringer said:

Andrea, I love these! These would be great gifts! Can you email me so I can talk to you about purchasing one??!!

janlynns said:

What a great gift - very cute! will be awesome when completed.  Janet

acmickelson said:

Wow, how much do you charge? That's wonderful! 

lindasteed said:

I really like the album, Andrea!

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