Baby's First Year - for Ani

I realized this week that I never shared the scrapbook I made for my niece Ani!  So here it is:

It follows my standard "Baby's First Year" formula from my e-book 365 Special Days.  So easy for the mom to fill-in throughout the year, it looks great, and is a PERFECT gift!

What's that?  You want me to make you a custom album like this for your baby (or grandbaby, or niece, or nephew)?  Sure!  For $250 I'd be happy to get all the supplies and put it together for you.

Contact me for details.


Supplies (roughly $100 at regular retail cost):


4 comments so far:

Tiffany said:

Like this a lot!

Prlinehan said:

I love it-- let me start digging in my couch cushions...

Betsy Cradic said:

I wish!! What an awesome gift that your niece will always cherish!

lindasteed said:

What a lucky girl Ani is to have you for an aunt!

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