I'm a "FAN" of Maurices

Maurices Hoover, AL

Now that I've been there about 3 months, I can say that I genuinely like working at Maurices.  The "fun" hasn't worn off...but that could be because I only work on the weekends, so I have all week off. 

I so enjoy helping people put together outfits, and seeing them smile as they find something they love.  It's been so much fun to talk to all kinds of people I wouldn't normally run into, and get to know some of the customers.  Plus, I really enjoy all the ladies I work with.  And, besides, the clothes & accessories are REALLY cute! (not to mention the shoes)

Come see me in the store sometime!  And, become a fan on Facebook to find out about  our sales and see pictures of the newest products

Just go to: http://facebook.com/maurices.hoover and click the "like" button!




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Betsy said:

You look sooo cute! And I really love your turquoise earrings! I worked at The Limited for a while, while I was in court reporting school--it was fun and it also helped me build up my work wardrobe!

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