Cancer Shopping

My Breast Care Navigator told me I'd probably do some "cancer shopping" as I was getting prepared for all of this.  She said she bought all sorts of things when she was diagnosed...including adopting a kitten!  We didn't get another cat (two is plenty), but I did find myself obsessively *needing* a "cancer chair" for our bedroom...along with several other strange purchases.

Why a "cancer chair"? I think because I imagine myself quarantined to my bedroom and I wanted a place to sit other than on the bed.  And I wanted OTHER people to have a normal place to sit with me.  At the time I thought that might be more than just Ben & the kids, but looks like now that won't be the case according to COVID, which is a bummer.  But still, Ayla, Paxton & Ben need a place to sit and hang out with me. 

I wanted a recliner with an ottoman, because I imagined myself sitting it....but clearly there isn't room for a monstrosity like that in our bedroom, so a little swiveling barrel chair became the next best choice.  This may be the first piece of actual furniture we've bought sight-unseen.  But you know...there's nowhere to go SHOPPING for furniture right now!  Everything is closed up for COVID.  So, Wayfair to the rescue.  I think we did ok.  It's comfortable enough, not offensively show-stopping, looks decent in the room, and doesn't take up too much space.  Cancer chair -- check.

That's not the only cancer-prep purchase we've made.  We've resisted having a television in our bedroom for all these years...but it's time.  And well...why not just move the living room TV upstairs, and replace that one with an upgrade?  Yeah, we did.  

It may not BE a vacation suite, but my "cancer suite" is gonna be as luxurious as we can make it...And then maybe I won't have to wear my contacts or glasses to watch TV! hah!

What else do you need to get ready for cancer -- LOTS of water, apparently.  EVERYTHING I've read says to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  So my friend Lauren got me "Big Blue", which has become my daily sidekick. And it has encouraging messages for me throughout the I'm all for that!

Then I started doing some head-covering & wig shopping.  That's where my cancer prep shopping stopped feeling like getting ready for a newborn (chairs, comfy bedroom, television, water bottles...all seemed very "getting-ready-for-baby"-esque to me.)  Until fake hair & turbans.  Because that's just weird. But, here we are. 

I ordered these three wigs in a color very close to my own from a local wig shop (that I couldn't actually GO to, because of COVID) and will pick one once they arrive and return the other two (because they ain't cheap)--more details on that process soon, I promise!

And, while I was at it...I tried on a turban.  Boy is this weird.  But in reality -- within a few weeks, this WILL be how I look, and will look for a very very long time.  So I guess I better start getting used to it.

What else do you need for cancer & chemo? Apparently blankets and bags and lip balm and hand lotion, ginger ale, hard candies, popsicles, soft and comfy bras, biotene mouthwash, extra toothbrushes, and silk pillowcases. 

I have many many wonderful friends and family who have been sending me all kinds of things I never knew I'd need, but know I will be so grateful to have along the way.  THANK YOU to everyone who has helped supply me with *all the things*!

When do I get to stop buying practical things and get to stock up on cool sunglasses, hats & earrings instead???  I guess there's plenty of time for that...

Anyone have any other MUST-HAVE for chemo items that I'm forgetting?  

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