Making My List...

It's that time of year.  

Time to make your Christmas wish lists, who-to-buy-for lists, what to make, what to bake, when to decorate, etc.  Whew. I'm already tired.

But here's the notebook I'm keeping all that info straight in this year:

An easy project!  It's just a $1 composition book covered in Polar Expressions papers from Imaginisce.  Makes me excited to open it up and write in it.  And it's tote-able.  I just slide it into my purse or diaper bag (depending on my shopping companions).  

I know I won't use the whole notebook this year, so I might just save it and use it next year might be nice to have a reference to what I bought, made, etc.

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Prlinehan said:

That's so darn cute.  What size composition book is it?  Just asking since you said you slip it in your purse.  I print out a spreadsheet I made in Word, but your notebook is way cuter.

katz78 said:

Can you come into my life and organize it?  :)

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