In conjunction with the political t-shirt web site that Ben launched in April, WingZingers.com, Ben just released this very cool interactive photo mosaic he calls: Obamosaic. (cool name, huh?).

When you go to the web site, and mouse over each tile, you can see the different Obama t-shirts available. For those of you who are into the political scene (I'm not actually), this is such a cool way to browse the designs and pick a tee to support your candidate.


I suppose he'd make one for John McCain too, but apparently republicans don't buy quite as many t-shirts....

Check it out...and by all means...email it to your friends, post about it on your blog, myspace, or facebook, and help support the Steeds (ooh, you thought I was gonna say support Obama, didn't you???!) :)


5 comments so far:

elizbailey said:

That is a really neat graphic feature!

lindasteed said:

Such Creativity! Really like it!

marisanokes said:

LOVE IT! Kudos to Ben for thinking of such a creative idea.... =) I just reposted this!


acmickelson said:

I am forwarding this to my sister as we speak - she's going to love it!

Prlinehan said:

that is really cool!

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