Wing Zingers

Today*, my husband Ben launched a new web site called Wing Zingers is a very cool website dedicated to finding quippy political t-shirts from both ends of the political spectrum. Rather than selling shirts, collects the best-of-the-best from a selection of various online t-shirt stores so you can shop and compare the design options and "zingers". You can even Teebate the shirts by voting for your favorites. With the upcoming election, this site is bound to draw interests from all sorts of "parties".

So, pass it on! Tell your friends. Post about it on your blog. And heck, buy a shirt if you want to--it's hard to resist when you find your favorite zinger....

* - We have a tendency to piggy-back holidays and big events in our family. My birthday is April Fool's Day, Ben's birthday often falls on Thanksgiving, my dad's is Christmas Eve, my mom's birthday is over Spring Break, etc. We even launched on my birthday in 2002 (and incidentally, it made every birthday while we owned it kind of cheated in my opinion). But, I digress. With this obvious pattern we've established, I'm not at all surprised that Ben chose to launch his new website,, on what else, but Tax Day!

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