A Bazillion Blogs: My BlogRoll (abbreviated)

I confess. I read a bazillion blogs. Maybe not quite that many...but I'm not divulging the actual number of blogs in my feed-reader of choice (which happens to be NewsFox by Mozilla). But I will share links to a few of my favorites in no particular order of preference:
Local (Birmingham):
Scrapbook Industry/Photography
Just for Fun
  • What I Wore Today - so much style, I only wish I could look so fun myself. I guess I'd need to go shopping more.
  • Photo Battle Blog - I'm not sure if there's a point to this site or if anyone "wins", but it's hard not to vote!
But, my very favorite blogs are by people I know; local friends, friends from Minnesota, or even people I've just met once or twice in person, but have known online for years. I love them because they keep me connected and up-to-date with the lives of real people -- not that these other people aren't real, but you get what I mean. It's sort of like having coffee with each person every morning, which in fact is a treasured part of my morning routine...coffee and blogs.
Thanks for all the great reading Alison, Betsy, Tiffany, Virginia, Molly, Monique, Elizabeth, Jessica, Kristy, Nancy, etc. etc. etc. (remember, I'm not divulging the actual number of blogs I read....)
I'd love to see what some of your favorites are! Post links in the comments!

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JessicaP said:

I read a lot of the same! :-) I also love http://bakingbites.com/ they've got some increidble recipes up that I loooove. I fell in love with their Snickerdoodle French Toast...try it, you'll be hooked!!!

I'm jealous that you have cool local blogs. There is nothing here...I cannot wait to get back to a "real" city...lol!

florascrap said:

I also read Jennifer McGuire Ink (which I think is where I got the link to your blog (from her comments), Jennifer Pebbles blog (http://paperandink.typepad.com/thegoodlife), Kristina Werner's blog (http://www.kwernerdesign.com/blog), my own blog--ha! (http://embellishedsimplicity.blogspot.com) and many others! :)

Prlinehan said:

Actually, your blog was the first one I read on a consistent basis. I've landed on random ones here and there, but haven't book-marked them. The closest thing I do is lurk around iVillages bazillion message boards on parenting since I'm a little wrapped up in all of that stuff right now. My other daily addiction (which I mentioned to you the other day) is absurdlycool.com. It's just a list of freebies, with links to them. The site is cool because it weeds out the junk offers and 99% of the freebies are just that-- Free.

acmickelson said:

p.s. Thanks for sharing your favorite blogs - I love Tara Whitney's - she's amazing.

acmickelson said:

Well, of course yours is my favorite (and the first one I ever read!). But then an addiction started and I also read about a bazillion every evening before I go to bed. It keeps me up way later than I should be staying up. I have yet to decide whether this counts as "good reading" and therefore is good for your brain, or just another way for me to be sucked into my computer. I don't know, but I sure do love reading about what Ayla and family are up to.
My other favorite blogs:
and then of course all my friends who have been inspired by you and started their own blogs - you really have no idea how many people you have influenced!

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