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I am energized by color.  It doesn't necessarily have to be a BOLD color, or a wild color, but if it's the right color, then all is perfect in the world... 

Finding the right color meant everything to me in my scrapbooking days (how many hours did I spend searching for the perfect shade of Bazzill cardstock?). I think about it every time I get dressed in the morning and look for the right shoes and earrings for an outfit.  And it definitely holds true as I've been sloooowwwly decorating each room in our house.  No matter what the canvas - the right color scheme pulls everything together.

When Ben told me about his idea to build a website that lets you browse thousands of inspiring images by color (in my case, I was smitten with the home decor-related photographs and products), my eyes got wide and my head started spinning.  

Ooooh! If I could look through a ton of photos that used MY colors, it would be so much easier to get ideas for what to buy and how to curate a room that actually looks good!

Enter his new color-drenched website: Swatched - Browse by Color for Home Decor Inspiration and Products

I've been organizing by color for years...buttons, stickers, clothing, markers, name it!  To see a rainbow of photos and products presented like this just gets me giddy.  It's fun to look at, gets my creative juices flowing, and gets me excited about decorating.

SWATCHED - "Red Devil" Modern Kitchen Stools

Here's an example of how I've used Swatched to browse and shop for ideas in our home.

Our living room is in a perpetual state of "almost there".  I'm still looking for the right furniture, accent pieces, and artwork.  So, I went right to the colors that speak to me and are already present in our living room to see what I could find.  As I perused the results, I was caught in my tracks by these great photos and products:

There it is!  The perfect use of my colors, in a style I love.  Amazing! 

Home Decor Inspiration and Products by Color at

I absolutely love how every color has a name.  It turns out, at least in my living room, I'm a big fan of colors called "Juniper", "Chicago", and "Pizza".  That sounds about right...a little bit earthy, a little metropolis, and a lot of cheese! :)

Juniper Colored Home Decor on SWATCHED

Oh, but there are lots of rooms in my house, and so many colors to love...I think it's time to get clicking, and PINning, and shopping, and...well, go check it out!  And then come back and tell me your favorite color! :)  I bet it has a super-cute name....

SWATCHED - Explore Home Decor by Color

Swatched is brand new and still growing!  Like it on Facebook to find out about new feature rollouts and follow Swatched on Pinterest for daily pins in your favorite colors.

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