DIY Jewelry Organizer - Revisited

A while back, I made myself a jewelry organizer for my closet from a picture frame, wire and fabric.  But, after dropping earrings on the floor over and over and over again (because of the fabric backing & wire not having enough space between them) I decided to give it another shot with a new design.

I went digging in my garage and came back with two metal cube panels, several nails and some ribbon.

I liked the idea of the metal cube pieces, because if you face them the right way, the cross-bars leave a natural space between them and the wall that allows the earrings to hang freely.  Plus, using the grid means I can easily stagger the earrings so I can see them all well and they won't get tangled up together.

I used ribbon to tie two panels together and secured the top two corners with screws.  The bottom is secured with one screw to hold it still.

Since this grid solution didn't work for my necklaces, I simply added some staggered nails directly to the wall. 

Let's hope this solution is a little more user-friendly!  I'm not the only one looking for a great jewelry organizing solution. Check out these great ideas that I found on pinterest:


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Anonymous said:

This is so clever. Such an awesome way to organize and display your jewelry. Thanks for this great idea!

jan said:

Flippin' cool ideas for how to hold an overly abundant amount of jewelry. I especially love the old picture frames+wire fencing. Keep up the good craftin!

megan said:

such a fun way to add a little color while being organized!!

Mindie said:

Your organizer and jewelry are fab! Thanks for linking up at Bacon Time.

Donna Gelineau said:

I have several similar grids left over from another project. I agree that 'S' hooks should work nicely to hank necklaces.

Newyorka said:

I like your idea... Last week I was thinking about how to expose my jewellery and came with this idea:

CC said:

I love these metal grids! I used some to make a pin board above my desk. I still have some leftover so I might need to put them to use for jewelry. What about some small S hooks on the metal grids for your necklaces and bracelets?

Chari said:

That looks really cool and is a good way to hang/display your jewelry!

Stopping by from the Motivate Me Monday blog Hop! Take care!


Prlinehan said:

 Nice new use for those metal grids... I have my whole set in a donate box b/c they kept collapsing in Levi's closet.  Maybe I'll pull a couple out :)  

Anonymous said:

I bought a set of these grids at a thrift store without the little plastic pieces. i've always used zip ties to hold them together... even after i bought a new set with them included!!!

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