Little Tricks for Little Fingers

When you're little and it's hard for you to write your letters and you get *so frustrated* when they just don't come out right (especially when you have to write a "P" on a whole class worth of Valentine cards), crafty little tricks can come in handy. 

I saw this genious idea on Pinterest the other day, and knew it would be a good way for Paxton to be involved in his Valentines, without making it too hard (and frustrating) for him. 

Just combine small wood alphabet stamps together to spell out the word (in our case it was "Paxton") and put a rubberband around them.  That keeps them together and turns the word into a single stamp.

Rubberband and Wood Alpha Stamps Tip
{source: The Frugal Crafter}

Easy enough for an *almost* four year old...Now that's easy!

Rubberband and Wood Alpha Stamps Trick

Rubberband and Wood Alpha Stamps Trick

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