Hello Kitty Birthday Party - 5 Year Old

For Ayla's 5th birthday she requested (okay I might have suggested - instead of a princess or Dora theme) a Hello Kitty themed birthday party.  Though she might have been slightly guided in her choice, she jumped on board and was very excited about it!  She helped me with all the planning, looking for ideas, shopping for and making decorations.  We started by making an idea board in Pinterest:

And though we didn't use all those ideas, they got the creative juices flowing. So here's what we DID end up with - a simple, low-key playdate birthday party for six little girls.


I fell in love with the design of these Hello Kitty Simple Sign invitations from Tiny Prints.  I ended up making my own instead of buying them, primarily because I had all the materials at my desk the day I wanted to make them, but buying them wouldn't have cost much for the 6 I needed. If I had been making more than that I would have bought them.  I also personalized each invitation for the girl we were sending it to.  :)


We kept the decorations fairly simple and only decorated in the dining room -- streamers, balloons, a handmade banner and a blue plastic tablecloth. I did buy some Hello Kitty themed plates, but stuck with light pink colored dessert plates, hot pink napkins and hot pink cups.

I made the "Happy Birthday" banner using the same technique as I showed in this handmade birthday banner tutorial using patterned paper and cardstock. Then I added some handmade Hello Kitty paper dolls to the ends of each banner, which I cut using this Hello Kitty font and my Silhouette.


Our party was from 10am to 1pm, so we served lunch.  Ayla's menu request - pizza & pears.  I added in pineapple and popcorn for a very simple lunch (all starting with P's).  I had planned to do a semi-homemade cake by buying a round white cake from the store and drawing a Hello Kitty on top of it, but my VERY talented friend offered to make me the dream cake I'd been eyeing (see it up there in my Pinterest board?).  She did an AMAZING job:


This is where I'm weak in the party-planning department.  It's just like when I was little and my siblings wanted me to play Barbie with them.  I liked to set up the house, get all the dolls dressed up, and then just look at it.  I forget that everyone else wants to PLAY.  But I did diligently look for activities (with Ayla) that we could do with 6 little girls at her party.  We considered making necklaces, or paper dolls, or doing a bingo game, but keeping time, resources & money in mind, here's what we settled on:

Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty - I drew a Hello Kitty head on Ayla's easel and cut paper bows out of patterned paper.  Then we used a scarf as a blindfold and ended up with a pretty silly looking kitty.

Draw Hello Kitty - I gave each girl a 6" x 6" piece of white cardstock and asked them to draw their own version of Hello Kitty and decorate it with stickers.  We put each girl's page into a small scrapbook that we'll add photos to for Ayla to remember her birthday party.

Hello Kitty Tattoos - I bought a 24-pack of Hello Kitty Tattoos at the party store, so each girl got 2 tattoos.  They all enjoyed that and they got to practice counting to 30 each time we applied a tattoo. Look at all those tan little feet. These girls have been swimming this summer!

Play - These girls are 4 & 5.  They played together most of the time in Ayla's room. :)

Movie - After lunch and presents, while we waited for their parents to arrive, the girls sat on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and watched a 30 minute Hello Kitty episode on Netflix.


No party is complete without favors.  We raided the Target $1 bins and came up with pencils & erasers and notebooks for each girl.  Plus of course, the felt Hello Kitty hairbows that I made and which were a big hit.

And...finally, I couldn't resist buying Ayla this SUPER adorable Hello Kitty t-shirt from Target to wear to her party:

There you have it.  A super-pink, super-easy, super-cute Hello Kitty birthday party.

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Jenny said:

Hello. I am planning a Hello Kitty Themed party for my twin daughters who are turning a year old. I stumbled into your blog and I love those invitations! May I know where you go the fonts from? I've been looking for those fonts!!! Thanks!

Andrea said:

The script font is called Wendy LP, I believe. If you do a Google search for it, you'll find links to download it!

Anonymous said:

I love that you did a great party for your daughter, but kept it realistic. I have been looking for hello kitty party ideas and keep getting these huge parties that look like they cost a lot and I want to try to keep things a little more realistic for my daughter to appreciate the little things in life. Thank you for sharing :-)

Erica said:


Your party ideas are great! My daughter is turning 2 and already loves Hello Kitty. I am thinking of ordering invitations from tiny prints because I always use them but I would love to be a DIY mom. Can you please tell me how I can go about making the Hello Kitty invitations myself?

Thanks in advance,


Suzy said:

Your ideas are fabulous. It looked like a great party!

I have been searching everywhere for the font you used for the Hello Avery, etc. invitations. Can you give me some info. on this? Thanks!

Beth said:

Thank you so much for sharing your daughters hello kitty party. I love the "pin the bow on hello kitty". I will for sure be using that along with the scrapbook of the party. I am far from creative, this for sure will help me make my daughters 5th birthday very special. Thank you

Danielle said:

I did Hello Kitty for my daughter's 3rd birthday party!! It was a huge success!! I had every Hello Kitty game/ Decoration you could imagine... Custom made Hello Kitty cake. The Huge surprise was that we had Hello Kitty herself attend!! (we hired her) the kids especially my daughter were star struck! She danced with them took pictures with them & played games with them... She even brought her friend Raggity Anne to do face painting!! I custom made my daughter's Hello Kitty birthday outfit from a boutique in France... It was defiantly the Best!! Now I'm trying to find ideas that could at least measure up to that... For her 4th she was Repunzel & we took her to Sea World... Now for 5 I'm completely stumped... Any suggestions??

Anonymous said:

I love the idea of hello kitty showing up, how did you find someone who could do it? I am doing hello kitty for my daughter and I think that is a great idea. Your party sounded wonderful!

Diane said:

OMG such an adorable party! I am planning my dauther's 7th b-day and she wants a Hello Kitty theme. I already bought the felt to make the bows. Thanks for sharing your idea. My only question is where did you buy those white craft bags? I can't believe after 4 shops I still can't find it. Smart and Final is the only place but their quality is not good.

Meg said:

Just curious to know what/where the Hello Kitty script font is/came from. I am putting together invites for my daughters BDay and would love to use that one on it! Any guidance???

malia Karlinsky said:

Hello! Featured you at A Crafty Soiree today... love this fun party! xo Malia

Jerri said:

What an adorable party! I love Hello Kitty! And I love all your ideas!

Donna said:

Cute! I am and will always be a fun of Hello Kitty!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said:

I just saw YOUR daughter's Hello Kitty party when I linked up MY daughter's Hello Kitty party at Creation Corner :) Your invitations are adorable, and I love your banner. The Target $1 bins are a jackpot for Hello Kitty favor items, aren't they?!?

Anonymous said:

Oh my goodness what a cute party!! I love the hello kitty cake and favor bags! but everything looks wonderful!

AnonymousGrandma said:

I never cease to be amazed at your talents!

Natasah said:

I LOVE Hello Kitty and I love planning parties. I'm so jealous of you right now ;o)

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