Ben's Trip to Ecuador with Compassion International

Back in December, Ben had the opportunity to take a tour of several Compassion International projects in Ecuador as part of a marketing campaign on Heartlight.  Compassion wanted to give the web-marketers who support and promote Compassion on various Christian web sites a first-hand experience of the work they're doing all over the world, but especially in this case - Ecuador. 

Along with a small group of Christian web-savvy businessmen & women, Ben experienced a life-changing, perspecitve-altering week amongst the kids, employees and volunteers associated with the Compassion International projects in Ecuador.  While it would take days to re-tell every story of his adventure ( took him days to show me all the photos and tell me all the stories when he came home), he has put together a few articles on Heartlight to tell the stories of some special people he met and describe the fabulous work that Compassion International is commited to in Ecuador.

Take a peek at his journey here:


If these stories touch you like they have affected us, please prayerfully consider sponsoring a child through Compassion International or contributing in some way to their mission.  It really does make a difference.


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Diane Clements said:

What a wonderful opportunity. We sponsor a child thru compassion International.

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