Deck the Halls

It took several days - one to take the stuff out, one to open the boxes, one to put a few things out & set up the tree, one to put stuff BACk in the boxes so Paxton didn't destroy it all, and then finally a day to decorate the tree - but this weekend we managed to get our house decorated for the holidays:

And in our house, it makes perfect sense to light the Christmas tree & the menorah on the same night. :)

Happy Holidays!

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Breast Augmentation said:

I love your decorations!! Since my daughter is still too young to truly understand the holidays (she's 16months) all our decorations are above her reach. Our tree is only half decorated so that she can't get into it! Your decorations look so amazing! Thanks for sharing your pics!

Holly said:

LOVE your decor! So sweet and warm. Happy Holidays!!

mariahcharles said:

 Is Paxton a little hard on things too?   I think Gabe is on a mission to destroy this house, it will be a miracle if it survives him!   LOVE the last picture of Ayla!

Mary said:

Have you heard Matisyahu's Hanukkah song called "Miracle"? It is really amazing.

Prlinehan said:

Gee I love love love your snowmen. ;) 

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