Finally Fall

Can we all just do a giant fist pump to the weather?  It is FINALLY below 90 degrees around here.  We think the 70s are downright chilly (not us...but some of these AL folks do).  The heat finally let up for October, and so it was time to get festive.  I hadn't planned to decorate this year, but when Ayla saw some decorations down the street, she was very interested in getting ours out too.  So I gave in and we spruced up the playroom with some of the decorations from Halloweens past:

This is SO my favorite month of the year.  I even bought 6 cans of pumpkin today! Let the pumpkin bread baking begin...

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Prlinehan said:

Lauren and I were eating lunch out on the patio @ Momma Goldbergs the other day  and some guy actually said it was "Freezing".  I'm contemplating getting my decorations out too, but haven't done it yet.

kevinandamanda said:

Love your fall decorations! Gorgeous pictures! :)

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