Ben and Andrea Steed Family Tree


For those of you that I've been e-mailing about finding out family names and dates, let me show you the project I'm working on. I finally glued everything down this evening and started labeling the leaves of our family tree. The beauty of this project is that it can be displayed now, even though *all* of the information isn't there yet. I can add to it at anytime just by writing in names or dates. Click on the picture below if you'd like to see a more detailed image: 



It's made on a 24" x 12" stretched canvas that I painted with the grass and sky horizon. The tree trunk and branches are cut from two sheets of 12" x 12" cardstock and the leaves are also die cut from green cardstock. The pink dot that represents Ayla is a brad. (And don't worry, I have plenty of additional pink and blue brads in case we have more kids in the future.)


This has been a fun art project that was inspired by a MOPS meeting about geneology a few weeks back. Thanks for the inspiration Patricia! Now I have to install the family tree software and get a more detailed (and accurate) tree going on my computer....another ongoing project to add to my list...


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Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said:

My kiddos could stare at something l ike this forever - it is a really great piece!

brian keith steed said:

Hi andrea, always been curious about my family history just dont know where to
start if you can email me at we can share some info
you never know i could be part of your tree

lindasteed said:

So unique, Andrea. I really like it!

JessicaP said:

I love it! What an awesome idea, Andrea!!! It looks fantastic!

Uncle Kyle said:

We can get you Colvetts back to 1610, but you will need a much taller tree!

Prlinehan said:

It looks great! You should put a picture of it up on the MOPS group site. I was describing it to WENdy the other day and she was pretty impressed. :)

wbcradic said:

What a neat piece of artwork! And a nice heirloom to have as well!

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