Chipboard Cruise Vacation Album

I spent this past weekend at our MOPS Weekend Crop fundraiser.  Even though I spent plenty of my time setting up tables, collecting money, answering questions, and cleaning up, I still managed to get a full vacation album completed!  That's only possible when you schedule a full 15 hours of uninterupped cropping time.  Since my scrapbooking time is limited more now than ever, it was very nice to surround myself with papers, stickers, photos and glue and not have to keep up and away from little hands.  I decided to concentrate on my cruise album instead of individual layouts. I figured since I was enjoying an "away" weekend, I could relive our cruise vacation.  It *almost* worked...but the gym lights and crop meals weren't quite the same as sunshine and cruise food!



  • The album is made from chipboard, cut with the AccuCut machine (a mix-n-match album set), and held together with silver rings (which I need to replace with larger ones). 
  • The front cover has a transparency overlay with the title. 
  • I added paper strips with holes punched to the itinerary from each day, so that they could be included and unfolded to see what all the activities were for each day.
  • One page is missing...but since it includes a photo of me in a bikini, I decided to spare the internet as a whole...

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Ramona said:

This is fabulous.  I love this book.  What a great way to preserve those memories.  I need to start making more mini books.

Holly said:

You are so very talented!

acmickelson said:

 I can't even imagine how much work that was to put together. What a beautiful job you did preserving great memories.

Prlinehan said:

I don't know... our gourmet cooking may've been close to cruise food.  Several people did ask for our super-complicated Chicken salad and spaghetti recipes.  Ha!

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