My Little Secret - a $3 French Manicure

I walked into a spa in Auburn last week and was complimented on my nails by the receptionist.  At a SPA...where they DO manicures. 

I was a little sheepish to report where I got them done and how much they cost. 

I spend $6 a pack at Wal-Mart for Broadway "Real Life" Nails and I get two sets of nails out of each pack. One set that fits perfectly and one I have to file and adjust a smidge.  But for $3 a set and only about 10 minutes of labor -- it's SO worth it.  They last about 5 days and don't ruin your nailbed underneath.  And I get compliments ALL the time.

Try them...they're awesome.

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Polly said:

I found your post in a roundabout way through, and I just wanted you to know how much fun I've had for that last week having the same experience with the nails. I'd have never tried them if it wasn't for you revealing your "secret". I got so many compliments on them for a whole week. I was actually at a Walgreens and wasn't sure I remembered what brand, so I went with Kiss. They were about the same price. I went with "Real Short" (because no one would believe that I suddenly grew long nails) and they were terrific. Thanks for sharing!

Kristi said:

Wow....I am so glad someone else uses these babies. I actually use their TOENAIL press on kits more than the nails. I can't stand people touching my feet and just get the willies about getting a pedicure. So, I buy the french tips for TOES!! I have used them for three years and adore them. I get so many compliments on them-- they look incredible and have a much prettier shape than my real toenails. I always find coupons for them, too....making them even cheaper! and those kind of sites always have $2 off coupons for both the Kiss and Broadway brands!
Thanks for posting!

audreyeden said:

And who was it that turned you on to them????  Huh?

Andrea said:

Oops! I thought about that later after I posted this actually.  Credit where credit is due.  -- Thanks MOM! :)

angela said:

Do you keep a set of nails on all the time?

Andrea said:

No, I usually just put them on for special occasions or when I'm feeling frumpy. :) I go through phases.  If I'm doing lots of crafty stuff with glue, sandpaper, paint, etc, I skip the nails.

Betsy said:

Thanks for the tip (no pun intended), Andrea!! Usually I don't have much luck with any of those DIY nails, but since you said they don't ruin your nail bed (which I hate), I just might give them a try! It might be a fun pick-me-up for these final days of pregnancy. Do they stay on well, and when they do come off, do they just pop off? Do you have any good tips for applying them, and do they interfere with any of your daily tasks?

Andrea said:

Just be sure to use plenty of glue especially around the edges, and that helps keep them from popping off on their own.  My "cruise" set lasted from Wednesday night through Tuesday morning, and I had to pop them off myself.  I didn't have problems with them falling off at all.  It is a good idea to carry some glue with you though, just in case you need to make a quick repair!  I buy the "real short" style, so that they don't interfere with anything I do...and they help me keep from picking at my nails and cuticles because they aren't so sharp.  So it's a good thing. ;)

lisa said:

funny that you're posting this. i just used my circle punch and contact paper to cut my own guides to paint my own french manicure. who knew scrapbook supplies could help my nails? Yours look great!

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