Sentimental Jewelry

Oooh. I just had to share: is giving away a $50 gift certificate to Lisa Leonard jewelry designs.  I love coming across handmade crafty things that I love, but can't make on my own.  If I win the gift certificate (hey, why not me, right?)...I'd love a necklace like this to wear everyday with Paxton & Ayla's intiials on it:

or maybe this with all our names:

or perhaps this design with "family" on the little circle and Ben, Andrea, Ayla, Paxton written around the circle:

Husbands...keep this in mind for mother's day, birthdays & Christmas.  Your wives will love it!

Ben---this is not a direct hint to you, (truly) but you know...if you're stumped....well, you can't say I didn't help.


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