What do you do with holiday cards?

Remember when I asked what everyone does with their holiday cards and what kinds of cards you like to recieve? Well, today I put a new plan in action to save our annual Christmas cards covered with the current year's holiday postage stamps . It's very simple--just a manila envelope to put all the photos and letters inside. Then I decorated the front of the envelope with punched squares from all the other cards we received. On the back of the envelope, I wrote down who we received cards from and how we know them. Seems obvious right now, but someday it might not be. Maybe next year I'll get a pretty basket to put the envelopes in and they can add to our holiday decor.
I'll admit, this process seems to be a little over-kill in the "memory-keeping" department, and yes, they may all be trashed someday. But...our MOPS meeting this week was about geneaology and how to do family tree research, and I guess in my head I have this vision of one of these families looking for information and photographs about their family and I'll have their 2007 family photo archived in my folders. Silly, I know...but these are the kinds of things I think about!
Thanks to everyone who sent us cards this year. We enjoyed them all!

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BAckland said:

Andrea, I love this idea for Christmas cards! I think I have cards from the last 3-4 years loose in boxes somewhere because I didn't want to throw them away, but yet I didn't know what to do with them. You are right, it seems obvious how we know these people today, but as years go by we forget! Thanks for the idea, if you dont' mind I think I will steal it from you!

Prlinehan said:

It's funny you posted this because just the other day I was wondering the same thing. My plan is to start a scrapbook that is dedicated only to christmas cards and photos. That way each year we can add to that book and see how everyone has changed. That's the plan anyway-- haven't started it yet.

Did I send/give you guys a Christmas card? I just cannot for the life of me remember. If I didn't, I meant to. :)

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