I may never use a broom again...

I'll never use a broom and dustpan again. 

I also think I may have decided what gift I should buy for every baby shower I ever go to.  

What do these two statements have in common?  - The Bissel Versus

It is so "THE BOMB".  For real.  Especially when you consider the challenge it has to clean up our kitchen 3 times a day after two VERY messy children. 

Paired with this - Eureka Hard-Surface Steamer - we now have clean floors (more often than we used to anyway)!

I cannot explain how sadly excited we were to have these arrive last week.  Giddy, actually.  In fact we spitefully avoided sweeping and mopping at all costs during the 5 days we waited for them to arrive.  Believe me...EVERYONE was glad when they arrived!

Now Paxton has clean (chemical-free) floors to crawl on.  Yay!

UPDATE (10/11/11) - We still LOVE both of these. That Versus is a must-have in every kid-friendly kitchen and has continued to work well for the past year and a half. And mopping with the Eureka has never been easier (or more calming).  Buy them.  Seriously. You (and your back) will thank me later.

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Jacqueline said:

Hi Andrea, I am now searching for a hard surface cleaner for my wood and tile floors. I remembered this post and went back to search for it. Can you tell me what you think of the Bissel Versus after using it for several months? Would you recommend it? Thanks!

Andrea said:

Yes! We still use it at least once a day and it's fantastic! So much better than sweeping. :)

Betsy said:

Hmmm, thanks for the tip! With all our hardwood floors, we may have to look into those tools!

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