Stumped for the Decade

I'm stumped.  It's a new year, a new decade, and I'd like to change up my scrapbooking "plan" a little bit.  Just because.  But I can't decide how to do it.   So I'm looking for ideas...can you help me?

I've considered this: Becky Higgins Project Life

or this: Stacy Julian's LIbrary of Memories

But neither seems *quite* right for me.  Becky's is a little too uniform & segmented.  I still like making unique scrapbook pages.  But Stacy's is a little too disjointed for me and there's something I like about keeping things chronological.  

I've considering switching to a 3-ring style album (instead of post-bound) so that I can use more photo sleeve pages with different layouts in addition to the traditional 12x12 pages.  So far, that's my best plan...

Anyone have any spectacular ideas for a mish-mash or new idea?  I'd like it to be something I can replicate or maintain for the next decade.  Help me out!

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Janet S said:

Happy New Decade and Year Andrea - I have been using the 3 ring for years and love my photos to be in sleeves in order by year.

Then I scrap the highlights and either mix them in with the other photos or if the album is too fat I put the scrapped pages in another album. I use the 8 1/2 x 11 binder albums from HL with the spine sleeve for date and even added the highlights of that year underneath - (printed these and I'm behind on that part) They do make a 12 x 12 version of this binder and if you get several on the half off sales they are a good value.

I do have some 12 x 12 theme albums - several CM from the old days and post bound albums are my least favorite because they are hard to add to.

I'm sure you will come up with a good plan! Janet

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