Thanksgiving Recipes

Nope, I wasn't *quite* finished with the Apple Cider line from Imaginisce after all. I had one more fun project up my sleeve. 

This year, all of my siblings & parents are headed south to AL for Thanksgiving -- at our house.  Which means we're cooking!  We usually have the same traditional menu for Thanksgiving every year, but we always have to hunt down the recipes from 2-3 different recipe books.  I thought it would be helpful to collect them all in one place.  

Ben suggested photocopying them and stapling them together.  Sure. That would work, but I knew this would be SO much cuter:

And it is. :)  Now let's just hope I got the recipes copied down correctly.

When Thanksgiving rolls around, I plan to photograph each dish to put on the back of each recipe card.  And add in the recipes for the few things that Ben always "wings" (like the turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, etc.)

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Orlando DUI Lawyer said:

This is so cute. I can never keep up with my recipes. It has gotten so bad that I have begun storing them electronically only. It's not the same to have your laptop in the kitchen. I'd rather have one of these recipe boxes.

Prlinehan said:

Very cute.  If you're getting crafty again, is it right to assume  you're all healthy @ your house again?

lindasteed said:

I really love your idea! So, so  cute!  I also like that my recipe is showing, on the front, but......I don't use jiffy cornbread! It is too sweet for cornbread dressing. I usually make my own, so call me if you don't want to use Jiffy! :)

mariahcharles said:

 Super cute idea :)   

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