Nursery Wall Canvases

I spent this weekend painting, cutting, gluing and make these for the new baby boy's nursery:

which were shamelessly "inspired" and lifted by these prints from Babies R Us:


I used 16" x 20" canvases, scraps of various patterned papers and just went to town paper piecing them all together.  Since I had pictures to work from, I was able to free-hand the various shapes pretty well.  Once all the animals were put together, I used my sewing machine to stitch a border around the outline of each animal.  Then I painted the backgrounds of the canvases and taped off borders to make the brown border around each canvas.  Finally, I used mod-podge to put them all together and protect them. 

Here are close-ups of each:

This was a fun project and I love the textured finish...much better than buying prints I think....but thenit did take two full days of work to finish them!


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russphillips said:

 These are great Andrea! Much better than the original even!

yazbelle said:

What crib set are you using?

Andrea said:

I'm using the same bed set that a friend of mine made for Ayla's room:

elizbailey said:

I definitely like yours better than the inspiration! The stiching around the edges was a perfect touch!

LesleMora said:

You are just too talented!  Love them!

janlynns said:

too cute! Great job!

jwinters said:

You are so talented!

Tiffany said:

Simply adorable!  You're so talented!

janel said:

Okay, wow!!

lindasteed said:

They are just adorable, Andrea! That little boy is going to love talking to them! I am still trying to figure out how you sew on canvas. :)

rsteed said:

Those look so good Andrea!! I agree that they look better than the ones in the store. Good job!

wbcradic said:

A, those look great!  (Much better than my frog... :)

acmickelson said:

I like yours a lot more than the Babies 'R Us prints from which they came. Very nicely done.

Prlinehan said:

good golly, lady, you sure are fancy!  I would've never thought to do any kind of sewing on that!  I smell etsy...

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