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I've been reorganizing some things in my office the last few days, bought some fabric drawers to hide some clutter, finished some decorating stuff, and it finally looks more like what I had in mind when I first got my Expedit shelves from IKEA.  It had been getting more and more cluttered with junk over the past few months and needed some rearranging!

Now that's it's cleaned up and looks a little nicer, I thought it would be a good time to do a video tour and show what my office looks like, where I store things, and give you a look around:

(click photo for larger version) can click here for a labeled image telling where I store different things.

And, if you're REALLY interested in taking a look around, here's the link to an 11 minute video tour of all the goods: 

Andrea's Scrap Room Video Tour

Enjoy!  I definitely do.  It's been a great place to work and create, right in the middle of our house, where I can still be involved with everything else that's going on....

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Sherry said:

I love your scrap room. I would love to know the name of the paint color that is in there. Thanks

Regina White said:

I love your video tour. But I wanted to know if you can tell me where you got those baskets for the expedit? I love how they fit so nice.

Tracy ~ Craft Junkie Too said:

Hi Andrea -- thanks so much for sharing your Scrapbook Room with us -- it's amaizing and also featured on my 3/11/11 Feature Me! Friday post today -- please check it out when you can and grab the button for your blog. :)


LesleMora said:

Great video!  We share some of the same organizational problems that you've found a solution for, so I'll keep that in mind when I reorganize my stuff.  Which will hopefully be soon.

yazbelle said:

I miss your voice! 
We need to get together again. Maybe we can take a weekend away before the babies come!??? You're like 2 hours away girl, ridiculous!

Prlinehan said:

How can I get a little of your knack for organization to rub off on me!? 

sheredian said:

can i just say that your scrap room is awesome!  that is such a great place to work.  was this a study or parlor?  i like how you put tags on your albums and also the baskets from target. everything looks so functional and fun.
sheredian blue crew~

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