Disney 2-up Photo Album Scrapbook - Completed!

Put me on a mission, and I'll get it done.  Tonight I finished up my Disney scrapbook from our September trip.  Mind you, I didn't do anything fancy.  It's a simple 2-up photo album and I just made a few embellishment / accent cards to include in addition to the photos.

Here are some peeks at the inside...handwritten journaling, a few character stickers, and minimal embellishments.  (I saved the "art" for the cover and title pages for each park, which I shared here a while back.)

But..in addition to completing the journaling and embellishment cards, I did add a couple of little tricks that I thought were worth sharing. 

First, I added tabs to each section to divide the album by theme park.

Then, just after the title page, I left two pages for some journaling and a schedule of what we did each day.  When I finally got ready to make that page, I decided to make little flaps (2" x 12", folded in half) to hold the journaling for each section.  I love how it turned out and that it's kind of an interactive Table of Contents:

Ahh, feels good to finish an album.  Here's the last page, and since the album comes with a CD holder, I included a DVD-ROM of all of the photos and videos that we took on the trip:

And now, I can cross this album off my list, and move on to my next two scrapbooking projects: my Grandmother's Memoirs and a Baby Boy Album! :) 


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Jacqueline R said:

I know this is an older post, but I have had it saved for awhile as inspiration for my disney album. I am working through mine now. I am wondering if you could share how you made the divider tabs? It is such a great way to divide up the album by park!

N. said:

I just found this and am so inspired by it! I saw another photo album scrapbook and loved it too, but was worried by some of its limitations. This one seems to take care of them all! Now that you've had some time with it - does the format still work for you? Did you have any issues with the sleeves tearing? Has it held up after all this time?

LesleMora said:

It's too cool! 

Prlinehan said:

You are awesome!

janlynns said:

Great job Andrea! 
I did a quick album like this for my brother's 40th and basicly it gave him copies of childhood photos I needed to share with him anyway.
btw...I told Amy boy and she typed girl!
Merry Christmas!

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